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About Amarela Kite Resort.


The place perfect for all, after a hard day on the water you can relax with a caipirinha, listen to music or watch one of our many videos on the big screen.

We also have a beautiful pool surrounded by a tranquil garden, the perfect palce for you just to relax and enjoy paradise.

As well as the bar, don't forget our restaurant, whilst in Brazil you have to try some local cuisine such as Feijolada or a Peixada! The perfect way to recharge ready for your next day of action.

Forgoten your lycra? or want a momento of your holiday? check out our shop:


Kitepirinha offers original designs that you are sure to love.

Because it can't just be just kite, kite, kite... at Amarela kite resort we organise the occasional concerts of live music and open air parties!

See you soon-!!