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Information About Taiba, Brazil.


A delightful Brazilean village, located in Ceará, 60kms from Fortaleza international airport.

Taiba actually means "small village" in the indigenous language of this region of North East Brazil, and the explosion of tourism to Brazil has not destroyed this beautiful village which retains its authentic charm and arresting landscape.

Taiba has a population of about 2,500, whose principle income is made up of tourism and fishing.

From its stunning beaches leave the fishermen to fish in the sail boats typical to this part of Brazil. These boats are simple made wooden boats which take to the seas for up to 2 days at a time. Watching the locals launching and landing in such simple craft is an experience you will never forget.

The vibe in Taiba is very special, you can experience the beaches, local art, parties and the variety of cuisine its offers in its numerous resuarants.

The main village of Taiba is situated 2km from Amarela Kite Resort in a bay which is protected in part from the wind, and offers some of the best waves to surf in this part of Brazil. It is here you can experience the true vibe of Brazil with the locals.

So the choice is yours, perfect wind to kite everyday, with waves, without waves or in the lagoon. Or hangout on the beach and play in the surf with the locals

Taiba offers it all.